Are interior designers London expensive?

When it comes to the world of interior design London, there are many myths that surround it. Below we consider 10 Doubts About Interior Design You Should Clarify.

Are interior designers London expensive?

Just because an interior designer is based in London, it does not mean that they will be unaffordable. Interior designers work to all budgets, you just need to find a ddsugner within your price range.

Will they take my ideas on board?

Interior designers work closely with their clients in order to get the exact look that is required. The whole process should be consultation based and a partnership.

How do I know that interior designers London are reputable?
You need to find out if they are registered with the British Institute of Interior Design. Sadly anyone can set up practice as an interior designer.

Do interior designers just focus on d├ęcor?
Interior designers are involved from the drawing up of the initial plans, right through to the finish. They oversee the whole process.

Do interior designers only use expensive materials

Interior designers use a wide variety of materials and resources, which are not necessarily governed by price. They will also work within your set budget.

Is it true that you don’t need to be trained to become an interior designer?

Interior designers are highly skilled and have gained a professional qualification in interior design. These who practice without qualifications, cannot call themselves an interior designer.

Will they throw everthg away and start from scratch?

No not necessarily. Interior designers are very good at recycling and giving new life to old furniture and accessories.

Do I really need an interior designer?

An interior designer will help you create the look and feel you want. It is a skilful process and one which only a professional and outsider can properly do.

9.Interior designers always want to be seen as beng ‘on trend’.

Interior design London may use ideas and resources from current trends, but the overall look will be generated from your initial ideas.

10.Interior designers do not need a plan.

A plan is very much needed and an interior designer will draw one up from the very beginning and will stick to it.

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