Ingenious ideas for you to explore with interior design

Here are 15 ingenious ideas for you to explore with interior design.

1 Make use of an unused fireplace. Make it a feature with painted logs. This is a design idea feature that many interior designers London use.

2 Make use of an old washing machine drum and convert it into a coffee table.
3 A design trick used by many interior designers London based and in the Uk, is that of using patterned wallpaper to ‘open up’ a space.

4 Throws add warmth and texture to any room. They can also be used as curtains!

5 Utilise that space under the stairs. Add shelving to create a bookcase, or if enough room, add a comfy chair.

6 To make mirrors appear larger within your home, place them inside a picture frame. You can also personalise them by painting them.

7 Many interior design in London based companies are making use of chicken wire in the kitchen. It is being used instead of glass in kitchen cabinets for that rustic kitchen feel.

8 Transform boring and sometimes ugly ceiling fans by painting them.

9 If you love plants in your home, why not build your very own wall plant hanger.

10 Shelves can be added into windows in the kitchen to allow you to grow herbs.

11 If you have limited space in your home but still want a large dining table, buy a set that can be folded down away from the wall.

12 Make use of the space around your living room window. Build in shelves that can be used to store books.

13 Give life to wooden stairs by adding stencils or your own individual artwork.

14 Paint one wall in your kitchen black, so that it can be used as a giant chalkboard by the children or alternatively a message board.

15 Make a feature of wires and cords in your home with braided plastic cord wraps in s variety of colours.

All of these ideas have been inspired by interior design London professionals. Have a go and see what you can do in your own home.

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