You may think that you know what interior design

You may think that you know what interior design is about just because your friends say what great taste you have, or how they wish they had your eye for colour. The truth is that interior design is not something that should be tackled by amateurs. Working designers like <a href=””>interior designers London</a> have degrees in the subject. Below are seven, possibly inconvenient truths about why you can’t master interior design.

Interior Designers are Artists</h2>
Interior designers are artists, they have the same sensibilities as painters and sculptors. Designers have a feel for space and colour that is gained from studying the subject and the ways in which colour, objects and space work, or don’t work in harmony with each other.
<h2>2. You Don’t Have an Arts Degree</h2>
Professional interior designers have either a bachelor’s degree in arts or an HND. Getting the interior design right means you need the proper training beforehand.
<h2>3. An Interior Designer Can Save Money</h2>
You may not believe it, but it’s cheaper to hire a professional, like those at interior design London (<a href=””></a>). A good interior designer is trained to avoid the costly mistakes that amateurs often make.
<h2>4. You Don’t Know Local Regulations</h2>
Professionals such as interior designers London understand the need to be aware of local building laws, and to understand what they can do with a structure, and what would be a costly mistake.
An interior designer will work together with your architect and/or planning department to ensure that the job is done properly and that the contractors and yourself understand where the other is coming from.
<h2>6. They See Things Differently</h2>
Because of their training, people like those at interior design London, see things differently and can give you a clearer picture of what the end result will be.
<h2>7.Getting the Wow Factor</h2>
Hiring an interior designer means that your home won’t look like anyone else’s home, it will have the wow factor.

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